What is the parenting philosophy that we teach in our Parent Coach Training Program?

The parenting philosophy is born out of conscious peaceful parenting and re-patterning unconscious beliefs that keep us disconnected from our children.

Throughout the program, we distinguish between two paradigms of parenting.

The first parenting paradigm, ’Dominant style of parenting’ is what a lot of us grew up with. So, in the ‘Dominant style of parenting’, the goal of the parent is to have control over the child. Punishments, consequences, and time outs are all examples of this Dominant Style of Parenting Paradigm.

The second parenting paradigm, ’The Peace of Mind’ parenting paradigm, is new for many of us as parents. Within this parenting paradigm, your goal as a parent is to develop a deep connection with your child, so that you and your child have a deep understanding of empathy, caring for feelings and needs, and an awareness of family values.

In The Peace of Mind Parenting paradigm, there is no need for time-outs or punishments. There is simply effective communication between you and your child.

When parents work within this peace of mind parenting paradigm, the parent and the child are able to easily move through conflicts within the home. They nurture a deep connection that allows the child to feel safe to communicate with their parent through any situation.

Is our Parent Coach Training Program a multi-level marketing program?

Absolutely not. We are not a multi-level marketing program. This is a professional certified parenting coaching program that gives you a serious career path.

Do we espouse some kind of religion as well?

I am textNo, we absolutely do not espouse any kind of religion. We really welcome and embrace people of all backgrounds. What we love about our community is that we have parenting coaches from all different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. For example, we have parenting coaches in all over the U.S., Mexico, Dubai, the Czech Republic, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

We just love all the various cultures coming together. We embrace everybody.

What makes our program different?

“Before ever planting a seed you must first cultivate the soil.”
-Chinese Proverb In our Parent Coach Training Program, we don’t just look at your child’s behavior, but we really focus on uncovering and clearing out why youget triggered by your child’s behavior. We provide a deep transformational experience for you as a parent first, as you let go of your residual feelings and unconscious beliefs patterns left over from your childhood and the way you were parented.

You are able to quickly release the old, limiting beliefs and replace them with your own empowering beliefs—the ones that will truly support your best parenting.

Since the unconscious mind accounts for over 90% of our behavior, parents see a change almost immediately, even before they receive any parenting tools.

What does it feel like to be a parenting coach?

It’s extremely invigorating. When you are coaching other parents, you are immediately up-leveling your own parenting. For many of our coaches after a coaching session, they are energized and invigorated. As you coach, you are always up-leveling your own parenting. Being a parenting coach allows you to stay on top of your game in parenting.

It also fulfills your soul to help another parent. Our coaches are extremely passionate and called to do this work.

Also, as a Parenting Coach, your whole life is integrated for the first time whereas your work feeds your parenting and your parenting feeds your work. So you feel like everything is integrated and that you’re not going out of the house and doing something completely different and then coming back to parenting.

You are actually helping people with their parenting and you are up-leveling your own at the same time. When your kids come home, you’re with your kids and you’re really being the best parent that you know how to be at that moment.

What is the day-to-day lifestyle of a parenting coach?

As a Parenting Coach, you design your own lifestyle, which means that if you are working with one client a week – that means you are spending one hour with that client and then you’re giving them homework in between the times you’re either ‘seeing’ them by phone or in person.

Our Parenting Coaches see as many clients in a week as they prefer to see. If you’d like to see14 clients a week, for example, then you’d be working 14 hours per week with clients.

You schedule your own Parent Coaching sessions on your own time, so you’re really designing your life and your time the way you want it to be.

Can you choose whether it’s part-time or full-time?

Absolutely, yes. You can choose how many clients you want to see, you can choose if you want to do this part-time or you can choose if you want to do it full-time. It really is up to you.

What will I earn as a Parenting Coach?

Our Parenting Coaches earn between $1500 – $3500 per private client and anywhere between $500 – $1500 per group client when they offer a parenting group teaching multiple parents.

** These earning are not guaranteed and they vary depending upon your individual results.

Is this something that you’d have to rent an office, so that parents have a place to come to or is it something that you can do just work from home?

You can do either or both. You really can design it how you want to design it. We do have coaches who work in person and they do rent offices. It’s really up to you.

For example, we also have a coach in Northern California and she loves being on the beach, and so she hosts parenting groups on the beach.

Many of our Parenting Coaches pinch themselves because they can’t believe that these are actually their lives now.

What does a typical session with a client look like?

As a parenting coach, you are trained on how to coach your client through any parenting issues. During your sessions, you are guiding your client to uncover deep patterning, move through that patterning, and then you’re guiding your client to implement very specific parenting tools each week to use specifically with their child(ren).

What do I receive with my training?

You will experience a very unique 10-step process with your own child to clear away any obstacles in communication and allow you to connect deeply with your own child. You then learn how to skillfully coach another parent through the same 10-step process that you have experienced and master how to enroll your clients into your parenting programs. Our Parenting Coaches maintain integrity in that they never coach what they have not experienced themselves.

Will the training that I would be getting as a parenting coach actually improve my own parenting with my own child?

Yes, and this is why all of our Parenting Coaches are so excited by the results that happen within their own families as a result of the program.

In your Parent Coach Training Program, you can expect to see results in your own family within the first four weeks of your training.

Can I take the Parent Coach Training Program if I am not a parent?

We don’t normally accept people who are not parents into the program. However, if you are in relationship with a child or children every day in your home or work, then we would consider you for the Parent Coach Training Program.

Do I have to wait until the end of the training in order to start coaching or can I start coaching during the training process?

Yes, you can begin coaching after Week 14 of your training process.

We encourage our coaches to start coaching during the training process. At Week 14, we encourage you to begin working with your case study client.

For some of our Parenting Coaches, their case study clients see such wonderful results that they offer to pay our Parenting Coaches. And for other Parenting Coaches within their training program, they begin working with paid clients after Week 14 as ‘Parent Coaches in Training.’

It’s very exciting for the coaches and the process is so methodical that they are able to follow along and they are able to be successful as coaches and while they are in the program.

How easy is it to find clients who want to improve their parenting?

Very easy. “How many people do you think need help with their parenting?”

If we look at the marketplace, it is infinite. There is really never an end to people becoming parents. And our parenting coaches really enroll their clients everywhere. For example, some enroll clients from dinner parties, their yoga studios, play places, or playgrounds. Other Parenting Coaches enroll their clients from free parenting talks they give at businesses, libraries, corporations, schools, pre-schools, or daycares.

The possibilities are endless. As a Parenting Coach, you are always
encountering other parents, so it is a very abundant market.

Is there ongoing support after the certification?

Yes, we have such a wonderful community of Parenting Coaches who are extremely supportive of each other.

I’m not really sure I can be a parenting coach because I, myself have issues with my own parenting and I’m not always sure I’m the best parent, so who am I to be a parenting coach?

Yes, this is something that we talk about a lot in our community. Within our training program, we believe that we are not perfect as parents. However, as Parenting coaches, we are committed to working with our very specific parenting process every day with our kids. We are committed to deeply transforming our own Parenting patterns that no longer serve us, and use our Parenting tools every day.

And so our Parenting coaches are learning every day. As long as your commitment to transformation is there and that you keep creating results with your own child, then you are qualified to coach as a Parenting Coach using our specific Parent Coaching process.

If you truly are committed and you’re truly in integrity using the process with your children or with your child, then you can coach this process.

What makes us unique as a Parent Coach Training Program is that we are in full authenticity about our own parenting. Nobody is pretending to be the perfect parent. In fact, all of the situations that come up with our kids offer us the opportunity to practice this process and see results.

Is there anything else that I should know?

If you really consider Parenting as a number 1 priority in your life, then this is for you. If you are someone who is a self-starter, motivated, and will do whatever it takes to transform a situation, then this is for you.

If you are somebody who loves serving others and really loves helping other people, then this is for you.

If you are somebody who really has a positive outlook on life and you see opportunities in any parenting struggle, then this is really for you.

If you are looking to really invest in yourself and invest in the future of your family and have a career that allows you to be the best parent that you can possibly be and be at home with your family, be at home with your child and earn a really great income doing so, then this is for you

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