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Dear Parent, YOU are invited to the leading edge of raising thoughtful, happy and well-adjusted kids… without losing your sanity or having to buy another iGadget… (And receive compliments on how great your kids are, too.)

Having a great relationship with your child is important to you, right?

BUT, sometimes, despite your best efforts:
  • Your kids don't listen when you ask them to do the simplest tasks, and you get SO frustrated.
  • Your kids fight – and you just want them to stop bickering, whining, and complaining about each other.
  • You notice that they aren't adjusting well, maybe she is having trouble in school or with her friends.
And sometimes you find yourself yelling or threatening – or maybe just passing your child your iPhone just so you can have a few minutes of peace and quiet… And you don't feel good about this.

Yelling, threatening, time-outs & punishments…..

Maybe you've tried these methods… And maybe those methods worked (for a little while at least). But if you're like most parents, it's hard to keep this up, day in and day out. And what's worse… even though you may not be aware of it…. These methods actually threaten the long-term relationship you will have with your child as they grow up. Children who are manipulated and controlled into "behaving" don't like it. (Would you?) And many studies tell us that using these old-school tactics to reward or punish kids actually damages their self-esteem and self-worth. Worst of all, these tactics can cause your child not to trust you. Which means that down the line, as they get older, they don't feel safe telling you the truth. And then you've got BIG problems. OUCH.
Parenting telling off child(1)
I get that how you raise your kids and what is actually happening in your home is a very private thing… but I want you to just take a deep breath for a moment and consider what is actually going on:
  • You feel terrible after you lose your cool, you feel guilty and like you should be able to keep it together.
  • Sometimes, you may be embarrassed by the way your child acts, and you're not sure how to address this behavior in public. You feel the eyes on you in the grocery store or the school pickup line. (And it bothers you.)
  • You want kids to be responsive, respectful and well-behaved without needing to constantly badger them, but nothing else you've tried works.
Until now……

Now here's some GOOD news…

You can raise respectful, polite and thoughtful children who are self-confident, responsible and happy.

And you don't have to resort to yelling, punishing, or threatening.

Or turning a blind eye to unacceptable behavior.

There IS a better way to parent. It's called The Ultimate Parent Success Course and it's actually quite simple and straightforward to learn.

What's the secret to having Ultimate Parent Success?

There is actually brain science behind why we parent the way we do. And most parenting guides NEVER talk about it. Know HOW this works, use it in your favor, and you will create the optimal environment for your child's brain development. And your kids will naturally respond. There's also an art to this new way of parenting. When you access empathy and use a new way of talking with your kids, you'll notice a dramatic difference in their behavior… a decrease in your frustration level… AND encourage your kids' emotional intelligence and thoughtful decision-making.

Yes! I am ready to enjoy more peace, calm and connection in my home.

The Ultimate Parenting Success Course is about you making profound shifts in your parenting and family relationships.

Live Private Coaching

Receive weekly live coaching to create your success with your new Conscious Parent Coaching tools. Meet weekly with your very own Jai Institute Certified Parent Coach.

Comprehensive 10-Week Online Training Program

Access to 10 Weeks of Parenting Class Instruction, including downloadable class audios, and meditations

In just 10 Weeks, less than 90 days!, you personally experience the entire process of transformation that allows deep connection,cooperation and peace of mind between you and your child.

  • Establish trust with your child so that each of you can come to a new relationship from a solid foundation.
  • Make sure that your child feels safe, secure, and cared for on a core level.
  • Break free of unconscious, limiting, and stressful parenting patterns (that are causing you stress and disconnection with your child.)
  • Be a clear and confident parent with whom your child trusts and cooperates.
  • Know how to build your child's self-esteem and self-confidence no matter the situation.
  • Increase your child's ability to learn, while ensuring their future happiness and self-confidence.
  • Claim your family's happiness and have the tools to mend the gap when things go wrong in the future.
  • Be a relaxed, calm and centered parent who models healthy relationships for your child.
  • Feel fulfilled, energized and empowered with your partner and other adults in your life.
  • Learn how to set limits peacefully without resorting to punishments and consequences.
  • Embrace authenticity as a parent so that you get to let go of who you think you should be as a parent and simply be who you are.
  • Create an instant connection with your child even during his worst tantrums.

Yes! I am ready to enjoy more peace, calm and connection in my home.

With The Ultimate Parenting Success Course, you can raise respectful, polite and thoughtful children who are self-confident, responsible and happy. And you don't have to resort to yelling, punishing, or threatening. Or turning a blind eye to unacceptable behavior.

When you access the parenting tools in your Ultimate Parenting Success Course, you'll notice a decrease in your frustration level, less conflict in the home, a difference in your child's behavior and most importantly, a deep sense of calm and connection, with the peace of mind that comes when you know you are doing your very best as a parent

Here are some stories of what changed in some other families' lives!

Family Profile #1

The Situation

This family was trying so hard to manage a ten-year-old boy who was very defiant. He wasn't listening to house rules or responding in any way to his parent's efforts to control his behavior. Things were deteriorating rapidly, in fact, he began to threaten both parents and two other younger children with kitchen knives. Once, he even threatened to jump out of the back of the moving family car.

His parents kept using punishments to no avail, because they literally didn't know what else to do. This child's behavior continued and the other two children were becoming scared of him.

The family consulted experts, and a child psychologist wanted to medicate the child.

The Shift

The parents shifted the way they were parenting. With the Ultimate Parent Success course, they stopped using punishments and consequences. They learned how to connect deeply and communicate with their ten-year-old boy so that he felt safe and understood. They shifted their parenting with their other two children as well. The family established a healthy pattern of communication within their home.

The Outcome

The ten-year-old son stopped being defiant. He no longer threatened others with kitchen knives nor tried to jump out of moving cars. Instead, their son expressed his feelings in a safe and appropriate manner. Their other two younger children felt safe and they were no longer scared around their brother.

They chose not to medicate their son.

There was a sense of peace in their home with open communication, trust, and authenticity.

Family Profile #2

The Situation

A single mom of two children, ages 6 & 8, came to us, overwhelmed by her older son's defiance and emotional outbursts in public and at school. Both of her children would constantly fight in the home, causing her to yell and punish both of them. She felt disconnected from her two children, ineffective in her parenting, and not experiencing any happy moments with her children. She was not enjoying parenting.

Both of her kids continually expressed their desire to spend more time at their dad's house.

The Shift

This mom was empowered to shift her parenting style and stopped yelling, and using punishments and consequences. Instead, she practiced peaceful parenting, set strong limits with compassion, play techniques, and deep listening to the feelings and needs of both her children.

She engaged her children in creative problem solving and collaboration.

The Outcome

Both of her children now play together peacefully in her home. They enjoy each other and come up with creative games to play together, without fighting.

Her older son stopped being defiant and is openly communicating his feelings and needs with his mom. Their relationship is flourishing and her older son now enjoys spending time with his mom. He has learned how to work through his emotional outbursts so that they are no longer an 'issue' in public or at school.

The mom has relieved her stress at home and feels empowered as a parent who now knows how to connect and have fun with her kids, no matter what.

Family Profile #3

The Situation

A Mother and Father of a five-year old son were confused and fighting over how to handle their child's biting and hitting other kids. The parents couldn't agree over what to do and so they turned towards yelling and punishments. Their child's behavior actually increased with more hitting, biting, and defiance.

The stress was building in their home and between the parents as well. There was a lot of stress and conflict in the family.

The Shift

Both parents stopped using yelling and punishments. They practiced empathy with each other and their child. They learned how to regulate their anger and how to regulate their son's big feelings as well. One of our favorite stories follows:

This mom was really frustrated with her little guy screaming at her, and she put her creativity tools to use. Instead of her old pattern of yelling – she had an inspired, playful idea. She drew a grumpy face on a sheet of paper and wrote "MOMMY DOESN'T LIKE YELLING." She walked into his room, and stood without saying a word. After a moment or two, the little boy smiled and a little while later, came downstairs with a smiley face on his shirt. This has become a fun ritual of communicating emotions in this family!

The Outcome

Their old son learned to express himself without biting and hitting, in public and at home.

Their home was filled with more peace and play, which relieved both parents. And, surprisingly to both of them, their own relationship improved as they were now on the same page with their parenting choices.

Yes! I am ready to enjoy more peace, calm and connection in my home.

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