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ATTENTION:  Heart-Centered Parents from All Walks of Life

Are you passionate about being the best parent you can be? Are you committed to being the change you wish to see in the world and know that this change has to start at home? There’s a revolutionary parenting movement on the rise…

And YOU are invited to join the leading edge of raising thoughtful, happy, and well-adjusted kids.

Finally…. A program that actually teaches parents HOW to achieve the kind of relationships in their families that so many of the experts, authors and gurus are talking about.After all, ideas are great but if we really want to change the way that children are raised, we’ve got to be able to teach parents HOW, step-by-step…
Most parents are stressed, overwhelmed and worried about how they are raising their kids. We don’t feel confident as parents and we desperately want to rise to the occasion to be the parents that our children deserve. Parenting, as we’ve known it, simply isn’t working. Until now.

The Jai Institute for Parenting Parent Coach Training Program

The work that you will learn in your Parent Coach Training Program will allow you to create a different way of parenting with a new pattern of connection and cooperation for yourself and your family. NOW you can learn how to access the deepest, most profound training and practices in child development. Now, you can learn how to connect with and relate to your kids in a whole new way. It’s about understanding and communicating instead of working to dominate & control. Most parents want this, they just don’t have a clue about how to get there. For the first time ever, it is more than possible to achieve success with a meaningful business, have plenty of time to spend with your kids, without sacrificing the things that make life worth living. This work, especially, not only allows you to help others, but literally gives you the tools to be the best parent you can be for your own family and to create a thriving coaching practice with the same tools. Our coach training is a comprehensive, detailed, parent-centric program that provides you with the foundational knowledge, systems and processes to have meaningful and sustainable results with your clients. You’ll see immediate results in your own family, as you learn to let go of the way you were parented, incorporate empathy and empowered conversations in all of your relationships and enjoy more fun and connection with the children in your life. When we give parents the tools to heal their own experience of being parented, and then to create a strong foundation of authenticity, values and communication, children learn these same skills and beliefs through emulation. We empower parents AND children. This same process has been used by hundreds of families around the world. After our training program is completed, you will feel confident in your capability to create transformation in families lives using the tools you have been given. Best of all, you go through our program with a connected, supportive community. Many of our graduates are already out doing this work across the globe. And because we are so mission driven, we are very much a family that supports one another to make sure that parents across the land have deep, meaningful and connected relationships with their children.
Imagine… ….doing work every day that changes something vital and important: the way that families relate, communicate and connect. ….you are earning an income that supports your lifestyle, and gives you the flexibility to create work that supports your life, whether it’s summers off to be with kids, or working with people virtually all over the world. ….that through this work you are connected to a thriving community of like- minded people who are passionate about changing the way that parenting is done.
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