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Our Parenting Coach Training Program is a comprehensive program that provides you with the foundational knowledge and processes to have meaningful and sustainable results with your clients. You’ll see immediate results in your family, as you learn to let go of the way you were parented, incorporate empathy and enjoy more connection and fun with the children in your life. This same process has been used by hundreds of families around the world. After you complete our training program, you’ll feel confident in your capability to create transformation in families’ lives using the tools you have been given.


Parent Coach Training Program


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The key to a bright and advanced future. You are just one step away!

Raving Fans

Danielle Backers

Jai Institute Certified Parenting Coach

There are really no words to describe the connection that you really...

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Kristen Watts

Jai Institute Certified Parenting Coach

The Jai Institute for Parenting’s Parent Coach Training Program has not...

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Jennifer Winzeler

Health and Wellness Coach,

The largest impact I have experienced through this program is the shift...

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Mariah Joy

Conscious Parenting Guide,

My experience with the Jai Process was so powerful that I have transitioned...

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Lisa Smith

Jai Institute Certified Parenting Coach,

I wanted to reach and say a sincere Thank-you from the bottom of my...

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Tiffanie Noonan

Jai Institute Certified Parenting Coach,

As a pediatrician I have my heart broken on a daily basis when I hear...

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Julika Von Stackelberg-Addo

I “suddenly” got referrals And now, lo and behold: my first clients...

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Carolina Brancato

Jai Institute Certified Parenting Coach, Brazil

My husband and I were ready to separate and all was going really bad...

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